35mm Cameras & Film

Cameras disposable and reusable loaded with 35mm Film in stock ready to go includes flash grab one today and capture some cool photos

We stock Kodak Disposable Cameras in 27 shot and 39 shot both with flash also a Generic version for a little less

The Kodak is the #1 rated Disposable Camera in the market loaded with 800 speed film for better brighter colours making it #1 for colour and clarity it is very good under flash producing great exposures and easy to use

Wind on for each frame and make sure you switch on the flash each time if in doubt always switch on the flash for better results everytime

We also stock reusable 35mm Cameras which can be more cost effective if you are taking a lot of shots , they include one free starter film and can be reloaded with fresh film each time, they all have a built in flash for your indoor and low light photos andhttps://coastphoto.nz/shop/film/disposable-cameras/ produce a similar result to the kodak disposable cameras but with the convenience and cost saving feature of reloading film in 24 and 36 exposure available in our store

You can purchase online for tracked courier delivery to your home or workplace

Kodak Power Flash HD isposable Camera 39 Exposures

Or visit us at 14 Bakehouse Lane Orewa to purchase in store

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