Kid’s Microscopes are easy to use and fully functional like traditional microscopes you find in a science lab. They open up a world of brilliantly colorful and textured micro objects that children cannot see with their naked eye, teaching them to wonder and stay curious about the big big universe. 

This insatiable craving to understand the world is what drives them to explore and only science can satisfy their demand for discovery.

If your kid exhibits this incredible fascination with the world support their science learning with one of these. They are easy-to-use, they’re fun and educational, plus they open a new door for exploration.

If you’re searching for a gift, then microscopes are a great option!

Every child bursts with curiosity.

Portable Microscopes

The ability to view an object up close, regardless of where you may be, is why pocket options were developed.

Unlike standard microscopes that require a solid base to sit on, portable devices can be held in the hand, moved over a large object and carried in a pocket.

Portable and pen-sized devices that can have 25x to 100x + magnification also use batteries and have an LED light. While some of these also have an adjustable focus.

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