MARUMI DHG Super Lens Protect 95mm


DHG SUPER LENS PROTECT is a reliable lens protector with excellent water and oil repellent effect.

DHG Super Lens Protect High-Grade Type

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Product Description

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MARUMI DHG Super Lens Protect 95mm

The MARUMI DHG Super Lens Protect 95mm is a simple, clear filter designed for general protection for your lens.

Filters with a DHG symbol are equipped with improved anti reflection coatings and the glass edges are blackened to avoid internal reflection. The Super symbol means they have an even upgraded coating and they’re easier to clean without scratching.

The thin filter ring design is ideally-suited for use with wide-angle lenses and features multiple light-blocking ridges, a satin finish, and a black ink coating to help further reduce the likelihood of surface reflections that can cause lens flare and ghosting.

  • Easier to clean.
  • Anti-reflective layer.
  • Clear filter offers general protection for your lens against the elements.
  • Anti-static and stain-resistant coating helps to protect filter surface from dust, dirt, water, and oils and also aids in cleaning of the filter substrate.
  • Thin-profile filter ring reduces likelihood of vignetting when used with wide-angle lenses.
  • Multiple light-blocking ridges, a satin finish, and a black ink coating are all integrated into the filter ring design to help minimize reflections to promote more consistent light transmission.


Established in 1952, Marumi Optical has been a manufacturer of camera filters for over 60 years.
Until the 1970s, we were a dedicated OEM supplier for German and other overseas manufacturers. Our manufacturing technology and service earned us a reputation for reliability. Upon entering the 1980s, we changed our company trademark to “Marumi”. Building upon our good reputation in Japan as a specialized manufacturer, we launched the DHG Series in 2003. These were the first filters for digital single-lens reflex cameras to reach the market. This marked a new step forward for Marumi as an international brand and helped us become what we are today. Moreover, in 2013 we succeeded in developing and launching our flagship EXUS series. Guided by our company slogan of “Constantly Continuing to Create New Products,” we at Marumi continue to deliver industry-leading filters to customers worldwide. This is made possible by the technology and culture of our Nagano Plant with its integrated production system and through friendly collaboration with our distributors, who are always ready for new challenges. From Nagano to the world, our commitment to quality knows no bounds.

President & CEO Mariko Yorishima

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 150 mm
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