Cleaning Products for your Photographic Equipment

Photography isn’t a sterile business. Unless you’re shooting in a studio at all times, dust, mist, mud, rain, sea spray, and all manner of other outdoors filth can easily get on your camera. And don’t forget how easily oil from your fingers can smudge a lens.

Whether you’ve invested in a lower end DSLR or went all out for a top model, the need to keep your camera maintained is imperative to quality photos and the lifelong care of your camera.

We stock a range of cleaning products for your camera & lenses, sensors & exterior. Keep your photographic equipment in top condition! We also offer a camera cleaning service in store, for those who would rather leave it to the professionals. Contact Us or see below for more information.


  • Basic camera inspection on digital or film camera/diagnosis
  • Full inspection repair quote – 35mm | DSLR
  • Insurance Damage Reports
  • Camera Clean & Service – 35mm
  • Replace Camera Seals – 35mm
  • Sensor & Camera Body Clean – DSLR
  • Telescope & Spotting Scope Cleans: Re-alignment not possible
  • Binocular Clean: Re-alignment not possible
  • Sticky Armour Clean (Remove sticky residue from rubber exterior)


Lab prints

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