From travelling and birdwatching to sailing or sports, no matter your passion you’ll always see more vivid detail up close with your choice of premium binoculars that utilise Canon’s state-of-the-art Image Stabilizer technology.

Image-Stabilized In the same way that digital cameras can have image stabilization, so too, can binoculars. Image stabilization compensates for operator movement, the swaying of a boat, or the vibration inside an aircraft, that normally prevent the viewer from having a steady image.

There is an inevitable wobble in any handheld binocular’s image. The higher the magnification, the greater the wobble. At some point, the wobble negates the increased resolution that magnification provides. Image-Stabilized binoculars are perfect for those of us that do not have the steadiest of hands.


All of the Canon binoculars are image stabilised – so you can comfortably identify and track subjects at high magnification for longer.

Enjoy a super steady view

Canon’s Optical Image Stablizer detects and counteracts movement to give you a super steady and comfortable view.

See clearly on the move

Image stabilised binoculars quickly and precisely counter the motion of a moving car or boat as well as handshake and even slower repetitive motion caused by breathing.

Easily track your subject

Easily identify, follow and keep track of moving or flying subjects, thanks to smooth panning support, which corrects shake as you follow your subject.

See IS in action on the move

Discover how panning support helps you retain a clear view of your subject and keep it in your sights.

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View in comfort for longer

By effectively counteracting shake, you can comfortably use your Canon image stabilised binoculars for long periods of time with reduced eyestrain.

Stabilized binoculars usually contain a gyroscope that requires power to provide stabilization, or a pendulum-type device that provides stabilization without being powered. Most often, this type of binocular is used by boaters to reduce the disorientation common with high-power optics, or while using them in choppy seas. They are also popular with aviators and search-and-rescue professionals.

One would think that the more magnification, the more you could see. But it’s not necessarily so. The usable power of a binocular is limited by the steadiness of the hands that hold it.

And even a birder with normally steady hands won’t be able to hold a binocular as still after running up a steep hill to see a bird as the same person sitting quietly on the back porch.

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