As you discover more about photography, the greater detail you begin to see in your images, and areas you could improve. With that comes an awareness of the limitations of your entry level equipment.  From that point on, it can be oh-so-tempting to consider upgrading your entry level DSLR and buying a new camera body.

But – it is true that if you continue to pursue photography, it’s highly likely you will outgrow your entry level camera.

You’ll naturally raise the bar of what you expect of your own photos, and as a result you’ll decide that it can’t perform to the standard you’re now aiming for.  Perhaps it’s not great in really low light, or you want specific features that are only available on newer or higher end models.

BUT… here’s the good news. As you improve your skills and feel that yearning to take better photos, often times investing in a new lens is the answer, rather than buying a new camera… and here’s why:

1.  The Lens Creates the Most Impact

An average camera body with a great lens will take a far better shot than a pro level camera body with a kit lens attached.


In terms of the artistic look of the image, the lens has more effect more than the camera body.

2. Light is Everything

Great light will ensure beautiful photos, whether you’re shooting with a phone or a DSLR.  But when taking images in limited light, your kit lens can really hold you back.

Having a lens that allows you to open your aperture up wide (small f stop numbers) allows you to let in a LOT more light to create a perfect exposure, and this is where kit lenses don’t perform well.

We photographers love the B word! Bokeh is a very desired effect in photography, and aperture is key to creating it. Aperture as we know, is wholly the job of… you guessed it, your lens!

3. Bokeh

What is Bokeh?

Bokeh is created when light in our background is rendered into small pinpoints, and it works as a beautiful and artful background for our subjects. And such is its beauty, often bokeh can be the subject itself.

4. Compatibility

If you’re currently using kit lenses, it’s possible they won’t fit your upgraded camera body and you’ll find yourself needing to invest in a new lens anyway.

Whereas if you upgrade your lens, then later on down the track you find you truly have outgrown your camera, you can upgrade the body only, which is cheaper!

Now that’s a no brainer!

Please reach out if you would like to purchase a new lens for your camera, we can look into the options within your ideal budget, expectations and let you know what is on offer! 🙂

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