B+W Film


There is a worldwide shortage on all film, which has now affected stock & availability, and will continue for many months ahead. While we are doing everything we can to obtain as much stock as possible, there will be times that we simply will not have enough for everyone and will not have some types available at all.

Best way around this? But as much as you can afford to, stock up and keep them in the fridge – this way you’ll always have a film handy for the times when you really need it. We are on a mission to get our hot hands on as much film as we possibly can, to keep you, our dedicated film lovers happy.

*There has also been some huge increases in the costs of film as a result of many contributing reasons: Supply/Demand, Increased Costs, Lack of Production Materials & Shipment/Delivery Increases.

Over the 130 year history of ILFORD there has always been a positive commitment to the traditional world of silver halide black and white photography.

HARMAN technology Limited, trading as ILFORD PHOTO, is “Passionate about Black and White” and intends to continue this commitment.

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