12x Magnification (Fixed)

Sometimes binoculars with a higher magnification strength may be a better option. To decide on the magnification of your binoculars, the best thing to do is consider where you will be using them most often.

If you plan on using your binoculars in areas where your subject will often be closer to you, then choose binoculars with a magnification of 8x or 10x. If you will mainly be using them in wide open spaces then you will need to be able to magnify more, and binoculars with a magnification of 12x will be more appropriate.

Some people may find with the strong magnification of a 12x Binocular, they can be harder to hold & obtain a steady view, and others find this not to be an issue free holding them, so long as the binocular is well balanced.

12x Magnification can be very useful for seeing the finer details from greater distances – and are often used for viewing from your balcony, hunting, target sports, plane spotting, landscape & long range viewing & all general use!

12x Magnification

Simply stated, binoculars use a series of lenses, elements, and prisms to produce a magnified view of distant people, places, or things.

Using two parallel optical tubes allows you to observe with both eyes open, which is more comfortable and natural than using a spotting scope or telescope—which requires you to keep one eye closed.

Additionally, having both eyes open maintains your depth of field and provides you with a rich and immersive experience where the scene takes on a more lifelike, 3-D appearance.

While we have a large range available here at Coast Photo, it is best to get in touch and we can let you know if the model you are keen on is in stock! And if not, – we can arrange this pretty quickly if we do not happen to have it on hand, our stock changes often to keep things interesting.


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