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For something ‘a bit extra’, there are: Zoom & Giant Binoculars. With the Zoom Binoculars, quite simply; You can zoom out or zoom in with them! They can be used in a number of activities that require variable magnification, such as bird watching, hunting, and tactical situations.

And then there are the Giant Binoculars! – these are great for long-distance viewing. These binoculars can be used for multiple purposes – whether trying to spot an animal in the distance, or watching birds from your deck out on the the bay, lake or ocean, or watching ships from the beach, or even for astronomy purposes!

Zoom Binoculars:

With a fixed power, the user is limited to one magnification and if the object moves, the user will need to change his/her position in order to observe the object completely. This is especially true for bird watching and hunting since the movement of animals can be unpredictable and some of them are fast-moving species. To counter this problem, a quick zoom-in and zoom-out feature will enable the hunter to view animals at a higher or lower magnification.
Zoom binoculars feature a range of magnification allowing you to zoom in on an object with physically moving. Zoom binoculars can offer excellent image quality at lower magnifications that rival fixed lens models. An affordable option for spotting wildlife, sports & activity on the water at long distances

Magnification to Distance: Magnification indicates how large an object appears when viewed through the binoculars.

For example, a magnification of 4x means that an object viewed at a distance of 100 m through the binoculars appears at the same size you would view the object at a distance of 25 m with the naked eye.

(This means viewing with the actual distance scaled down to 1/4). Essentially the higher the magnification, the larger the object appears, but as the magnification increases the field of view decreases.

Or say, with a 10x Magnification Binocular, an object viewed at a distance of 100 m through the binoculars appears at the same size you would view the object at a distance of 10 m with the naked eye.

Giant Binoculars:

Giant Binoculars are large-aperture offerings, great both for astronomy or long-range terrestrial observing. These were never designed to be held in the hands, and must be used with a tripod, which provides support and increased rigidity Take these beast’s where skies are dark and mount it to a tripod. Then be awed at their awesome ability to penetrate the inky depths of night, revealing the subtle nuances of galaxies and nebulae with all the advantages of using two eyes instead of one.

While we have a large range available here at Coast Photo, it is best to get in touch and we can let you know if the model you are keen on is in stock! And if not, – we can arrange this pretty quickly if we do not happen to have it on hand, our stock changes often to keep things interesting.

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