Frames & Albums

Frames & Albums

‘Blurry is beautiful’, meaning that sometimes the best photos for your Frames & Albums are not the perfectly posed or staged photos, but those photos that capture those perfectly imperfect moments.

When you’re choosing photos of family and friends to display in Frames & Albums; you want photos that bring the feeling of connectedness alive, like a shot of Grandpa giving his trademark wink. … It’s these intimate things that help remind us of those bright moments.”


Picture Frames not only define the personality of the house, but they also depict the aesthetic sense of the people living in that house. The kind of art that you put up will describe your creativity. Photo Frames are an essential part of the interior design of your home 🙂

Every house has its personality and its definition. Everything in the home contributes to this personality and meaning, and perhaps wall art is the most important contributor.

Let us print your special photo & frame it all in one hit!

Tip 😉 – If you want to put your photos on a wall behind glass, matte will reduce the light glare and allow people to enjoy your photos as you intended them to be seen.

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Frames - Coast Photo
When you go to someone’s house, and they have all their family photos hung up on the walls, you get the message of their family bonding and all their stories. So, what’s your message? Your picture frames will convey your message: What you love & the stories of your life… 🙂


We have a beautiful range of Photo Albums here at Coast Photo.

Have you ever visited your parents, and flipped through their old photo albums? Did you look at the pictures, each an important memory captured and saved for years to come? Have you learned something completely about a family member by looking at a picture you had never seen before?

Photo Albums
Photo albums let you preserve important memories, not just for yourself, but for your children, grand children, and even your great grand children! They’re historical and deeply personal references to you and your families’ past.

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Here’s why you should start creating photo albums today

Share Your Favorite Memories

Looking through a photo album when you’re feeling nostalgic has a special personal meaning. Not only will you get to enjoy them for yourself, but you’ll share those personal snapshots with your loved ones. Each image comes with a story, and having that visual reference will create an easy way to connect with your family about your experiences. 

Make New Memories

You can make the creation of your memory-filled photo album a brand new memory in itself. Try involving your children and friends in the experience. You’ll tell stories, spend time with your loved ones, and put together past special moments in a fun experience. 

Create a Keepsake For Your Loved Ones

By putting together a photo album with love, you’ll have a special gift to give to your children as they grow up. They’ll see snapshots of stories, all about their family. From special events like birthdays and weddings, to daily events and inside jokes, your album will be something precious that can be shared and gifted to your family members generation after generation. 

Photo Albums
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