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Getting accurate colors in your photos is not an easy task. And if we’re talking about product photography, having precise colour representation is a must. 

This will help you reduce the number of returns and keep your customers happy and loyal.

A photography grey card and white balance can make your life so much easier.

But what is a grey card, and how do I use it?

A grey card is a cheap and easy-to-use tool designed to help photographers adjust their exposure and white balance settings by providing a reference point. This reference point will set a white balance or color balance point for a particular image set and all images captured afterward. – Read More Here

Lost your Eye-Cup for your camera?

We stock a range of Eye-Cups for cameras including Canon, Olympus, & Nikon.

A rubber eye-cup is designed to make using the viewfinder more comfortable and to block stray light entering the camera’s viewfinder. It can also act as a buffer to prevent users from scratching their eye glasses.

Just like your original eyepiece, these easy-to-install upgrades mount with a simple slide and click. In addition, they are compatible with eyeglasses, and helps prevent scratches and smudges.

Your eyes will welcome the improved comfort and view provided. They help block unwanted stray light from the viewfinder, resulting in better contrast, reduced glare, and an overall enhanced user experience.




Professional photographers know that to take the best photos with the least amount of camera shake involved, a tripod mount and a cable release or remote shutter release are must haves. That combination takes the movement of your body out of the equation when you’re shooting photos.

A camera remote can be one of the least expensive tools in your photography tool box, yet it can also be the handiest.

A wireless remote or shutter release can be a great photography tool for families, or an adventurous photographer! Whether you’re on a beautiful vacation, want to capture a special moment at home, or you’re trying to take your own family pictures, a remote is incredibly handy for getting in your own photos.



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