Prints from Originals

High Quality 300GSM prints from digital files

100+ year lifespan when safely stored in albums.

Exceptional image results: Prints are affordable, beautiful and long-lasting.

Each image is scanned over 100MB output, and is adjusted for colour,

              sharpness, density and contrast.


Lab prints

Product Description

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Prints from Originals

Professional Hand scanned prints from originals from your Photos, Slides, Large Format Negatives, 110/126mm

Peering down at your great grandparents’ young, smiling faces you feel transported. You notice a series of repeats – dimples, dark curls, deep-set eyes – popping up through the generations, at birthdays, weddings, beach trips, and Christmas gatherings. It’s a magical feeling. When we showcase our family photos, we also preserve our stories, our history, it’s so important to get Prints from Originals.

A collection of family photos is like a patchwork quilt—an heirloom, worn with age, that can be passed on.

We are an independent owner-operated NZ Photographic retailer Since 1985!

We thrive on providing our customers with the best service and products.


Professional Scan & Print Service:

We scan your photos, slides, and all negatives (Including all large format negatives/glass plates, 126mm & 110mm) over 100MB per scan to produce stunning results for our clients.

We scan at 320DPI/Output 100MB to get the best results for your Prints from Originals all detail is retained from every reproduction and print to any size needed.

Photo Restorations:

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to digital photo manipulation and restoration.
We can restore your damaged pictures to their former glory, anything is possible!
With a combined skill set of 60+ years, our staff are more than capable of repairing or improving your images.
We have an experienced team, with restoration expertise – check out more information on this here: Photo Restorations

 What a great way to preserve, showcase and enjoy the past for a lifetime!

Professional Scan to USB Service:

Scanning services without a print are an option if you prefer to have your images as digital files saved to a reputable brand USB Drive or External Hard-Drive.

PROFESSIONAL SCANS 2021 (Hand Scanned)

PROFESSIONAL SCANS (35mm Whole Film) 2021


When to Use Glossy Photos


Matching your photos with the appropriate print finish requires a little thought, but here are some pointers for when to choose a glossy finish:

  • If you have vibrant, highly colored photos that you want to emphasize, choose gloss.
  • High definition photos where clarity and sharpness are important will benefit from a gloss finish.

When to Use Semi Gloss Photos

There are some kinds of photos that will look much better with a matte finish:

  • If you want to put your photos on a wall behind glass, matte will reduce the light glare and allow people to enjoy your photos as you intended them to be seen.
  • Matte finishes tend to suit sepia and black and white toned prints better than color ones, but color landscape scenes can often look very dramatic when printed in matte.


For sizes beyond these, please refer to: LARGE FORMAT PRINTS


Large Format Prints

ILFORD Smooth Pearl 310 GSM Superb photographic image quality and consistency

LUCIA PRO inks for superior colour expression

Ideal for fine art photography with a 75+ year lifespan in ideal conditions.


55+ Years Of Printing Experience To Give You Results You Can Count On

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