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Preserving your Home Movies to Digital is a excellent way to save your precious memories and relive those special times saved on tapes and movie film Save your memories entombed in rapidly-decaying tapes and movie film by converting them into digital files in the form of DVD’s and USB flash drives to plug straight into your TV and enjoy watching with Family and friends It can a lovely gift  also for Family  to share with extra copies available of the DVD and USB.

Drop them off to our store today at: 14 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa or courier them into us if you can’t make it in. 🙂

Trust us with your precious family memories with over 40 years of experience.


Why Digitize Your Memories?

They’re fading faster than you think.

Videotapes, film, and photos were never meant to last forever – chances are, they’ve already started degrading.

Uncover memories you never knew you had.

Converting them to digital format, to ensure your special memories aren’t stuck in the past.

  • Quality transfer
  • All common tapes and reels
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Uncover memories you never knew you had


Having your tapes converted to digital is a small price to pay compared to losing precious memories

VIDEO Tapes and Movie Films Deterioration:

During the 80’s and 90’s, most of us were under the assumption that our precious memories stored onto magnetic tape would be safe forever.

Recently, however, more and more people are realizing that this is simply not the case.

Magnetic tape is great for short term play back of our fondest memories, or to relive a historic event.

Video tapes deteriorate every year even if you don’t view them.

Your precious memories painstakingly caught on tape will someday be unplayable. Most VHS tapes, with proper care, can last up to 20 years with only minor degradation issues.

However, since VHS tapes and other tapes have been obsolete for many years now, the timeline is running thin! If you want these images to last, it’s best to get the transfer done now, before it’s too late.

DVDs can last you hundreds of years with absolutely no degradation, as the laser never makes direct contact with the disc itself.

Plus if also transferred to a USB ideal for plugging in to the telly for easy viewing and you have another safe backup.

 How to handle a DVD:

We are recording the information on the surface of the DVD. Please treat the DVD with respect; do not place it anywhere except the DVD case that provides full protection of the DVD. We recommend you have additional copies for all your DVDs as a very small fee can prevent loss of memories.

Keep your DVD out of the light for longevity

REEL FILM (Run time guide)

‘MY REELS HAVE A STRONG SMELL OF VINEGAR’ – The smell of vinegar is known as vinegar syndrome or more technically acetate base breakdown, so the smell is acetic acid being emitted from the breakdown. Once this process begins, it can accelerate rather quickly especially if stored in sealed containers. It may not be too late and in this case highly recommend digitizing before the film breaks down beyond and becomes too brittle.

Tip: Keep your tapes and movie film away from electrical devices in a dry place until you deliver them to us.

Preserve your history and enjoy for years to come.


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