Disposable Cameras

Disposable Cameras

We regularly stock Disposable Cameras loaded with 35mm film, here and ready to go for your next event!

Grab one today and capture some cool photos of amazing moments.

“Photos are more special and meaningful when taken on disposable cameras, as opposed to an iPhone, because of the effort that goes into the process, and their ability to capture “rawer” moments. “You can take an iPhone photo hundreds of times, but a disposable is one and done, so no complaints!”

Before we all had cameras in our pockets and even before affordable digital, point and shoot cameras, there were the humble disposable cameras. A common addition to any holiday maker’s suitcase and often found scattered around the tables at wedding receptions disposable cameras were the everyday persons go-to camera of choice. Despite the dominance of the camera phone and digital photography in general, in the last few years there has been somewhat of a resurgence in the use of disposable cameras.

Disposable Cameras

The KODAK Single Use Camera with Flash is the #1 rated Disposable Camera in the market. Loaded with 800 speed film for better, brighter and crisper shots. The clarity it is very good when the flash is used, producing great exposures every time! This is also available in the extremely popular 39 shot version: Kodak Power Flash HD Disposable Camera 39 Exposures

We also stock Reusable 35mm Cameras which can be more cost effective if you are taking a lot of shots and this way you can still take photos on the go, be more resourceful, and not sacrifice that disposable look.

Disposable Cameras

About us

Coast Photo has a long history, Est. September 1985, we started as a basic photo lab.

We are your imaging specialists. Offering an expansive range of products and services.

Located in the beautiful holiday destination of Ōrewa, which lies on the Hibiscus Coast; We have been providing the highest quality printing and customer service for many years. We are committed to providing personal attention and a wide range of products. We pride ourselves on our quality.

Call in to Coast Photo, and join the many who depend on us for outstanding quality, excellent value and exceptional customer service. We have the enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you in-store, over the phone or via email.

Our equipment has constantly upgraded over the years, keeping us at the forefront of professional quality standards.

Come and see us for all your orders from printing to scanning, photo restoration, copying and anything photographic related.

Why choose us?

We provide quality work, exceptional service and value.

We’re here for you. Our friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated staff are experts.

We are available by phone, email and in-store of course! – We are a locally owned and operated business.

Our point of difference, We are an experienced team of Photo Imaging Specialists with a broad knowledge of all things photographic, with local and honest advice to guide you with all of your imaging needs. Est: 1985

Film Processing

Film Processing you can trust, and quality results that you can rely on.

We process all types of Negative film on site: 35mm, 120mm, APS, 110mm ,126mm Colour + Black & White*Transparency (Slide Film) can be sent out or we can cross process this in C-41. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we can develop, print & scan your film, or disposable cameras and give you quality results you can expect from a traditional lab.

  • Produced with Noritsu Premium High Quality 300GSM paper and Fuji Film Chemistry.
  • Each negative is screen assessed for colour, sharpness, density and contrast. corrected to provide you with the best results.
  • All completed with quality, and care, we hand print every photo, to give you the very best image quality possible from your negatives.

High Quality 300GSM archival prints100+ year lifespan when safely stored in albumsNot the inferior substitute used by many photo labs, and big name stores.

With 35+ years of experience with processing and printing all types of film, you can trust us to to do the job properly every time.

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