Professional Scans

High Resolution Scans – All Individually Adjusted

  • All images are cleaned prior to scanning to eliminate fingerprints/dust.
  • Each scan is adjusted for colour, sharpness, density and contrast.

We hand scan at 320DPI/Output 100MB

Product Description

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Professional Scans

We offer Professional Scans by hand to preserve your precious images. Utilizing our expertise in colour correction, we will correct every image as needed.

Each image is Scanned on professional, high resolution flatbed scanners, and every scan includes Colour adjusting, Sharpening, Density and Contrast enhancement. By converting your photos to digital format, you are protecting your images against dust, decay, scratches and other damaging effects of time.

You can then enjoy your digital memories with friends, family and loved ones, and easily share these online with social media and through email services. Shoeboxes of old photos may hold your family’s history and memories, but they’re difficult to preserve, share, organize, and backup.

Digitizing print photos takes a good amount of time and effort to do correctly with professional and quality results.

Individual image adjustments

Every image we receive requires some correction for the effects of time.

Photos on display are particularly subject to fading, and even those hidden away in photo albums are subject to color shifts unless stored in subzero conditions.

For every image we receive, we will manually perform:

  • Sharpening
  • Colour correction
  • Colour enhancement
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Brightness & levels adjusted to suit and improve
  • All images are cleaned prior to scanning to eliminate fingerprints/dust

Digital images are also never affected by poor environmental culprits, including humidity, extreme temperatures and excess light, the way pictures are.

Prevent the photos from fading away, being forgotten,  being lost, or damaged in a natural disaster.


Price Lists


Professional Scans
Hand scanned Photos, Slides, Large Format Negatives, 35mm/110/126mm

  Professional Scans

PROFESSIONAL SCANS 2021 (Hand Scanned)

*NOTE: Glass Plate Negatives are priced as follows:

Glass Plate Scan (2-Part, From original plate size of approx 3.5×5″) $20.00 | Glass Plate Scan (3-4 Part, From original plate size of approx 5×7″) $25.00


Professional Scans 35mm
35mm Whole Film & Hand Selected

35mm Film Prints

PROFESSIONAL SCANS (35mm Whole Film) 2021


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