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BeaverLAB TW1 Smart Astronomical Telescope


DDL – TW1 Smart Telescope | See Farther and Clearer

  • 4K High-Resolution
  • 2 Million Pixels
  • 500mm Focal Length
  • f/6.1 Aperture
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • AI Digital Imaging
  • Multi-Choice & Scene Application
  • One Click Photography & Video Record
  • Lightweight and Portable


Product Description

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BeaverLAB TW1 Smart Astronomical Telescope

The sky is beautiful, the universe is mysterious. But traditional telescopes can’t see further, are cumbersome, difficult to adjust, and cause eye fatigue for a long time, so many people have to give them up.

The BeaverLAB Intelligent Astronomical Telescope combines digital camera, telescope and automatic photography functions, allowing you to explore more distant celestial bodies through an APP. Support automatic white balance/exposure/RGB three primary color real-time compensation, can be adjusted on the APP color, gamma, clarity, etc., compact module design, simple operation, easy to carry! Without flow, it can also achieve a large “visual” field of stargazing in remote mountainous areas without signal.


Founder Fang brought an astronomical telescope to a family gathering with a friend. The adults and children present were very interested, especially Fang and his children. After that meeting, he studied a lot of astronomical telescopes in depth. hoping to find a design and configuration that suits him. He learned a lot, but also found that the astronomical telescope still has a lot of room for improvement, so he came up with the idea of designing an astronomical telescope that meets his inner requirements. Then, BeaverLAB was born.

Fang added many interesting ideas to BeaverLAB. For example, in order to allow more people to share and observe the beautiful scenery, BeaverLAB adopts a large-screen viewing method, which can take pictures and videos with one click; in order to better explore the universe, he also prepared a supporting APP and encyclopedia.

BeaverLAB was born out of interest and curiosity. Fang thinks this is a good start. He hopes that BeaverLAB can bring more joy to astronomy enthusiasts, allowing them to better explore the universe and understand the world.

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