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Photo Restoration

We are very capable of repairing or improving your images with an experienced team!
Here at Coast Photo, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to digital photo manipulation and restoration.
We can restore your damaged pictures to their former glory, with a combined skill set of 60+ years, we are are more than capable of repairing or improving your images.



Product Description

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Photo Restoration

Experts with a combined skill set of 60+yrs.

Here at Coast Photo, we are constantly challenged with difficult Photo Restorations to repair.

The work can take anywhere from 1 to 10 hours depending on the image and the level of detail that is required. Piecing together the details of a photograph in ruins is what we do best.

No matter what’s wrong with your photo, we’ve usually seen it before. And we’ve fixed it: We can restore glass negatives, all historic images (even war images), large format negatives oval prints, photos stuck to glass, just about anything!


Using our Photo Restoration skills we can fix:

  • Fading & water damage
  • Creases & rips
  • Photos stuck to the glass
  • Pen marks
  • Age discolouration (Gotta love that vibrant red 70s paper!)
  • People missing from the shot/head swapping
  • People you need removed from the shot
  • Background removal/replacement/alteration/blurring
  • Object removal
  • Dust spots
  • Direct sunlight damage
  • Coffee stains
  • Mold growth
  • Photo mishandling
  • Gradual degradation over time
  • Colour & contrast
  • Sharpness
  • Black & white yellowing

Images are scanned to create high resolution digital files, which are then worked on with advanced image editing software.

Initial steps involve adjusting contrast, correcting color casts, boosting saturation, straightening and cropping.

Then, we move on to advanced photo repair and restoration; Removing dust spots, correcting tears and surface damage, and repairing colors, stains and areas of severe damage.

While technology provides the tools, the best photo repair and restoration is an artistic endeavor involving aesthetic judgment.


Beyond Repair? – It’s not!

Challenge us, we can restore just about anything!


  • Bring it in and we can restore every crack, rip, tear and discolouration.
  • Challenge us, we can restore just about anything!
  • We can swap people and even swap heads.
  • Background removal and blurring, colour enhancements and selective colour – anything is possible.
  • Come in and see one of our restoration experts and put some life back in to those precious photos.

Call in and see us or please scan or take a photo & email us your photo for a quote.

*Please note, the original photo will be required to complete the restoration for the best possible results with quality scanning equipment we use here.

e) [email protected]

Call us (09) 600 8001
14 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa, AK 0931

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