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ILFORD Ilfocolor Half-Frame Single Use Camera



  • Fixed focus free lens
  • Optical viewfinder
  • 54 exposures
  • 400 ISO color film pre-loaded
  • Alkaline battery pre-loaded
  • Built-in auto-recharging flash

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Product Description

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ILFORD Ilfocolor Half-Frame Single Use Camera

Ideal for parties, events, weddings, and more, the ILFORD Ilfocolor Half-Frame Single Use Camera is pre-loaded with a 27-exposure roll of highly versatile 400-speed film.

As this is Half-Frame, you are getting 2 photos on a standard 35mm frame which doubles the amount of photos you can shoot!

This is the very first half frame single use camera on the market ~ 🙂

Ready to shoot with the push of a button, this camera has a wide-angle lens with a fixed focus range and fixed shutter speed for simplicity, and it includes a clear window viewfinder for lining up your shots. For indoor and low light conditions, the camera also includes a one-touch flash, which automatically recharges after use.

Reasons to buy:

+Gorgeous, vibrant colours
+Amazing value (54 shots!)
+One-touch flash
+Reasonably priced

While Ilford specialises in black and white film, this retro colour camera gives its fans a blast from the past – and is one of the most fun disposable cameras you can use. It’s loaded with Ilfocolor film, which gives images a stylish, washed-out look that instantly transports you back to the 1960s. That pop of colour is something else.

With a fixed-focus lens and a set shutter speed, the camera only requires you to point and shoot. There is an amount of control you can exercise though – you can activate and deactivate the flash with a touch, meaning it doesn’t blast out a scene when you don’t need it.

We’ve always wondered if Ilford would re-introduce their IlfordColor color negative films from the 1960’s, especially with how Kodak and Fuji unable to fulfill the surging demands for their color films lately. Lo-and-behold to everyone’s surprise, Ilford is actually introducing this new ILFORD Ilfocolor Single Use Camera Retro Edition with their own color film.

The camera itself looks to be the same ones that many other manufacturers have on the market now (Lomography,  Ilford b/w camera just to name a few), but this one is loaded with the new Ilfocolor film.


The 1800’s

Alfred Harman

Alfred Harman

1879 founded by Alfred Harman making Dry Plates
1891 became the Britannia Works Company making 4 kinds of plates and 6 kinds of paper
1897 record profits
1897 sold by Alfred Harman who retired due to ill health
1898 became known as The Britannia Works (1898) Limited
1899 first Ilford Manual of Photography


2005 to today

2005 management buy out – HARMAN technology Limited trading as ILFORD PHOTO based at Mobberley, Cheshire, England.
2005 new Cooltone and Warmtone Developers introduced
2007 HARMAN technology Limited acquires Kentmere Photographic Limited
2010 HARMAN Direct Positive Papers introduced
2011 ILFORD MULTIGRADE Art 300 paper launched.
2011 HARMAN HOLO FX holographic plates introduced
2011 HARMAN TiTAN 4×5 Pinhole Camera and ILFORD Pinhole Photography Kit introduced
2012 Black & White Single Use Cameras re-introduced
2012 35mm Cassette manufacture commenced at Mobberley, England
2013 HARMAN TiTAN 8×10 Pinhole Camera introduced
2013 Obscura by ILFORD 4×5 Pinhole Camera introduced
2015 HARMAN technology/ILFORD PHOTO purchased by Pemberstone Ventures Ltd.

Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 50 mm
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