Canon Binoculars

Canon Binoculars

High-magnification binoculars with innovations that set a new performance level

Set your eyes on Canon’s range of binoculars – from all-weather models to lightweight portables that will suit both enthusiasts and professionals. Boasting Canon’s renowned image stabilisation technology, a wide field-of-view and extremely high magnification, the Canon Binoculars offer clarity and vision like never before.

Simply magnificent

 Experience the world close up and in full magnificence with high magnification of up to 18x, and get the best views at sports events or out in the wilderness. Offering eye-relief and bright field-of-view, Canon’s binoculars have been built with innovative lens technologies to set new standards of performance in the binocular world.

Steady sights with Image Stabilizer

Canon’s built-in proprietary Optical Image Stabilizer technology keeps your views steady, even with shaky hands. The system employs a Vari-Angle Prism, independent vertical and horizontal sensors, and a dedicated microprocessor to continuously adjust the prism to maintain a steady image. It further suppresses chromatic aberrations and reduces colour smearing to keep images clearly in sight, while reducing eyestrain and fatigue

Ready for the great outdoors

 The ergonomic design has been thought out with you in mind. It is made with durable materials fit for outdoor use and resistant to impact, plus easily accessible buttons and a rounded shape to make viewing comfortable.
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