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Professional Passport Photos

  • Passport photos taken by experts in our store anytime
  • Fully approved, taken on professional equipment by photographers
  • No appointment necessary
  • Babies and small children’s passport photos are our specialty
  • Passport photos for every Country, Student ID, firearm license ID, electrical workers ID, builders ID, job application security ID
  • Studio quality without the price
  • Guaranteed to pass or we will redo for free
  • Fast service 10-20 minutes
  • Prints are on quality photo paper


Product Description

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Professional Passport Photos

Call in here for Professional Passport Photos, we will give you perfect passport pictures quickly and professionally.

We are experts at producing approved passport photos, visa, citizenship, kiwi access ID, UNI ID’s, medical photos, and just about anything you need for every country and requirement.

Save time by coming to us first, and get fully approved passport /visa photos without the worry or hassle.

“Best Passport Photo’s we have ever seen”

– Australian Consulate

We offer online and printed application photos.

Quick service for online & printed passport photos no appointment necessary. Visit us today and get your passport photos taken professionally.



Passport Photos

Here are a few of the ways we do that:

  • We can cater to all your passport needs including babies and children. International Passports, Visa’s and ID needs are not a problem either.
  • We make sure you are well lit to produce an even skin tone with no shadows.
  • We will show you your photo before proceeding to make sure you are happy with it.
  • We check that it will be approved with the passport standards so there is no messing around with rejected photo applications
  • We can print out a physical copy and/or email it to you for digital use.

What should I wear?

  • We recommend wearing natural looking makeup.
  • Avoid a white top or shirt if you can as it is best to have a clear contrast between your clothing and the background.
  • Make sure your hair is up off your face, or tucked behind your ears so it is not covering your face. Particularly off your eyebrows.
  • You will need to remove any glasses, scarfs (unless it is for religious or medical reasons) or hats so we can see your face..
  • We can help by letting you know if you are wearing anything that will stop your passport getting accepted.

How does the passport process work?

  1. Come in to our store: Coast Photo (14 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa) and let us know you want your passport photo taken.
  2. Select the format you need your photos in print (if you are mailing in an application, digital if you are applying online) printed or emailed to you.
  3. We will make sure you have a suitable amount of space around your head and make any required tweaks to ensure you comply with the latest passport standards.
  4. Unfortunately you are not allowed to smile in passport photos so you need to put on your best looking neutral expression.
  5. We take up to 3 shots of you
  6. You can view and choose the best shot and make sure you are happy with it.
  7. Then all that is left to do is pay then we will get your image underway for you.

How much will they cost?

  • Your passport photo will cost $25.00 for a physical print OR $30.00 for a digital version
  • $40.00 for a physical print AND an online copy
  • Babies are $30.00 (physical print only / $45.00 for both an online file and a print)
  • Canadian & Dutch Passports are $35.00
  • See a detailed price-list here: PRICE LIST HERE

Ready to start the process? Come in and see us today!

*We have a template system on our photographic printer to ensure the correct head size and face length is printed, If a more uncommon country photo size is required, you are welcome to bring in the specifications to double check against our template settings.


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