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Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adapter


Key Features
  • Hands-Free Use on Most Support Systems
  • 1/4″-20 Binocular and Tripod Mounts
  • Maintains Interpupillary Distance Range
  • Recommended for prolonged observation
  • Thin Profile and Form Factor


Product Description

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Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adapter

The Vanguard BA-185 Binocular Tripod Adapter steadies your binocular for clear, relaxed, hands-free viewing without vibration.

It works with any binocular that has a standard 1/4″-20 threaded adapter socket, and its thin profile is especially useful with roof prism models as it will allow you to set the binocular to the minimum interpupillary distance without interference.

It should be noted that binoculars with 50mm objectives and larger may experience an obstruction.

For mounting on tripods, heads, monopods, window mounts, and other support systems the adapter has a standard 1/4″-20 mount.

So, why mount your Binoculars to a Tripod?

Obviously mounting your binoculars to a tripod is usually done to steady they image, be this because the binoculars are of a very high magnification or in some cases for people who have unsteady or shaky hands. Other people use a tripod for convenience freeing up their hands to do something else or if you want your binoculars trained onto a specific subject for long periods of time, like a wildlife artist for example. Hunters and wildlife enthusiasts will also sometimes mount their binoculars onto a tripod if they are located at a fixed vantage point making it easier for them to scan wide areas looking for game.

  • It stabilizes your view (wind or no wind)
  • Physically gives you the tools to glass more effectively
  • Mentally gives you an edge to glass longer
  • Enables you to relocate animals & landmarks quickly
  • Let’s you grid up the country with both eyes open

Vanguard BA-185 Specs

Binocular Mounting 1/4″-20 Male
Tripod Mounting 1/4″-20 Female
Compatible Lens Barrel Diameter Up to 2″ / 50 mm
Weight 3.2 oz / 90.7 g
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