7x Magnification

7x Magnification binoculars are in fact multipurpose optical instruments designed for various groups of people.

They can be used at home, when hunting or traveling or for marine trips. They are not super powerful but powerful enough to be able to view objects around 2-3km from you.

The biggest advantage of such binoculars is that they have a wide field of view due to a limited magnification power and they are lightweight. And since they are lower-powered, They cause minimum hand shake and you get a very stable image when looking through them for long periods of time.

If field of view is critical for you, then 7x magnification is the ideal choice for you.

For Boaties: 7×50 is the traditional marine binocular: Due to its comfortable 7x power, very good light-gathering capabilities, and large exit pupil. In reality, any binocular can be used on the water regardless of size, features, or power.

However, there are limitations: Due to the natural motion of the sea, adding magnification ‘to an already unstable situation‘ is best kept at lower powers. This does differ for everyone, but for most people, powers above 7x are not always desired when using while on the water.

7x Magnification

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