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These are your best options if you are after a pair of Marine & Waterproof Binoculars. The damp marine environment, combined with changes in temperature, causes interior lenses of non–waterproof binoculars to fog.

Many regular binoculars are not water resistant and cannot be used effectively in certain weather conditions. Waterproof binoculars allow outdoor enthusiasts to have optimal visual improvement in almost every environment. They work to prevent visual hindrance from rain, snow, leakage, high humidity, mildew & fogging. Many people who go boating, camping, hunting & hiking believe that waterproof binoculars are an essential tool to have.

A waterproof construction, with the interior o-ring sealed and filled or “charged” with dry nitrogen, protect your binoculars if they fall overboard.

Seven by fifty. That is all you need to know. Almost. The classic size of binoculars for marine use is 7×50. This means that they have 7x magnification and the objective lenses are 50mm in diameter. There are three characteristics of the 7×50 binoculars that make them attractive for marine use:

Conservative Magnification, Large Objective Size, & Generous Exit Pupil size.’

Porro Prism versus Roof Prism  Most marine binoculars are of the Porro prism genre that features the more traditional look of these devices. The objective lenses on the Porro prism binoculars are more widely spaced, and this provides greater field of view and depth of field for the viewer. The roof prism binoculars are more streamlined and can be more compact laterally, while being generally longer than their Porro counterparts. This makes them ergonomically preferable, to some users.

Marine & Waterproof Roof & Porro

If you are looking for the ‘best of both worlds’ then Stabilized Binoculars are the way to go. With this incredible technology, you are able to view with ease, no movement will affect your viewing! Thus, allowing you to go for a stronger magnification than that of a non-stabilized pair of binoculars. Just ensure you choose the ‘Waterproof’ IS Binoculars, unless you are confident they will not end up going for a non-planned swim.

Using optical image stabilization technology that first appeared in camera lenses, they allow the boater to achieve a steady view at magnifications that are far past the traditional 7x marine binocular. Please check out the Image Stabilized Page

Floating straps:  Some marine binoculars come with floating straps, but you can also add one after purchase. If your optics decide to go swimming, a floating strap may be a great investment! And, since you purchased a waterproof pair of binoculars, rinse them off with fresh water and keep on going!

Magnification to Distance: Magnification indicates how large an object appears when viewed through the binoculars.

For example, a magnification of 4x means that an object viewed at a distance of 100 m through the binoculars appears at the same size you would view the object at a distance of 25 m with the naked eye.

(This means viewing with the actual distance scaled down to 1/4). Essentially the higher the magnification, the larger the object appears, but as the magnification increases the field of view decreases.

Or say, with a 10x Magnification Binocular, an object viewed at a distance of 100 m through the binoculars appears at the same size you would view the object at a distance of 10 m with the naked eye.

7x Magnification

8x Magnification

10x Magnification

12x Magnification

20x Magnification

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