Picture Frames not only define the personality of the house, but they also depict the aesthetic sense of the people living in that house. The kind of art that you put up will describe your creativity. Photo Frames are an essential part of the interior design of your home 🙂

Every house has its personality and its definition. Everything in the home contributes to this personality and meaning, and perhaps wall art is the most important contributor.

Let us print your special photo & frame it all in one hit!

Tip 😉 – If you want to put your photos on a wall behind glass, matte will reduce the light glare and allow people to enjoy your photos as you intended them to be seen.

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When you go to someone’s house, and they have all their family photos hung up on the walls, you get the message of their family bonding and all their stories. So, what’s your message? Your picture frames will convey your message: What you love & the stories of your life… 🙂

Check out our True Photographic Prints Page for your professional printing options. If you have an original photo and would like that Copied and Framed – Jump over to our Prints from Originals Page!

You might want a large print? – Then, Large Format Prints are for you.

Shall we add to this by mentioning that we can restore your old or damaged photo… No matter what’s wrong with your photo, we’ve usually seen it before. And we’ve fixed it! Take a look at this Photo Restoration Page for details.

Beautiful Wooden Frames

The natural kind of frame… Selecting the right Wooden Photo Frame really does depend on your individual taste and the rest of the decor of your home. Here, at Coast Photo – we have something for everyone. From Natural or Simplistic, to Coastal & Beachy / Rustic, or Sleek, Timeless & Classic.

LUXE – Timeless & Classic Frames

Block Mount + Photo Blocks

Our Slimline Block Mounts & Photo Blocks are contemporary alternatives to traditional photo frames. They are stylish, modern, subtle & sleek! Our Slimline Blocks are custom made, and perfect for larger images, where the NZ Made Photo Blocks are great for smaller Blocks and make a lovely, affordable gift!.

Slimline Block Mount

These new modern mounts are simple and elegant. The Slimline Block Mount prints are perfect for so many different types of applications. These are made from 12mm MDF board, which is then machined down to a thickness of just 4mm along the edges.

Custom Created By Hand 😉

Check out the Slimline Block Mount Here!

NZ Made Photo Blocks

Our NZ Made Photo Blocks are a contemporary alternative to a traditional photo frame, perfect for bringing your favourite photos onto your desk or into your home.

These are 100% NZ MADE and are stunning, high quality and are the modern way to display your most treasured photos.

These can usually be completed within the same day as you order, and are commonly chosen as gifts.

Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Some features include high resolution display, internal and cloud storage and easy to operate touchscreens. Please get in touch with us for an up-to-date availability of current models! 🙂 ([email protected])

Here’s why it’s a great idea to have a Digital Photo Frame…

1. Showcasing your memories

How many photos do you have stored on your phone right now? Probably hundreds, if not thousands. You probably haven’t looked at milestones like a wedding or a child’s first steps, or revisited favourite holiday destinations for a while, so investing in a digital photo frame is a great way to free these memories and show them off in your home.

The best bit is, digital photo frames show your pictures in great detail.

2. Changing up pictures

The biggest advantage of going digital is the ability for your frame to change constantly, and cycle through images, as well as being able to effortlessly add new ones to the frame.

If that isn’t a reason to upgrade from one static image, we don’t know what is!

3. Looking great

There’s no denying that photo frames can add a personal touch to your home, but there’s no reason why they can’t be hi tech. Early digital photo frames tended to feature a lot of Perspex and plastic to look futuristic, but thankfully today’s offerings are more stylish and varied, so there’s a frame out there to suit the style of any home!

For example, KODAK offers various designs that mimic traditional wood frames, making them the perfect present for traditionalists.

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