Eco Friendly Rubber Dust Cleaning Air Blower


Compact size and light weight, this dust blower is convenient for carrying, even when you are traveling!

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Product Description

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Eco Friendly Rubber Dust Cleaning Air Blower

This Eco Friendly Rubber Dust Cleaning Air Blower is very powerful and can be used consecutively, with absolutely no delay for fast cleaning. It’s safe for cleaning cameras and electronics.

This Air blower is designed for cleaning cameras, lenses, computers & keyboards, televisions, monitors, LCD screens, glasses, precision instruments and other items.

This Dust blower is so easy to use & is very well made – it packs out a lot of air, much more than some of the cheaper, lower grade options.

A manual air blaster like this one is a must-have. It gently removes dust and debris. And, unlike if you use your lung power and blow on the lens, there’s no risk of adding potentially damaging moisture.

  • Description
  • Colour : Black *Note – Colour may differ, please get in touch to check what we have in stock at the time of ordering.
  • Small size and light weight is easy to carry in your kit bag
  • Handy Camera Lens Air Blower Dust Cleaner Sucker
  • Tail with suction, more convenient
  • Dimensions: 150mm x 55mm
  • Weight : 60.4g

Eco-friendly Rubber Dust Cleaning Air Blower

Camera & Lens Cleaning Tips:

Rules to follow

Don’t use canned or compressed air. The air pressure from many of the popular compressed air canisters is simply too powerful and can damage your lens or camera sensor. Instead, you a manual air blower.

Soft brushes are fine. Coarse brushes are not. A soft-bristled brush is a good alternative to a manual air blower as it can also remove dust and debris without damaging your lens. Just make sure to not touch the brush with your hands as the oils could then damage the lens or camera. Never use a hard-bristled brush like a toothbrush.

Don’t use any kind of paper towels or swabs. These kinds of materials will leave lint and debris that will likely damage the lens or camera sensor. This includes tissue paper. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with some cleaning fluid.

Use cleaning fluid. No soap. A lens cleaning solution is specifically designed to remove things like fingerprints and smudges without leaving any streaks. Avoid using too much cleaning fluid — one or a few drops is just fine. And avoid using any kind of soap entirely.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products here – for your Photographic Equipment: Photography isn’t a sterile business. Unless you’re shooting in a studio at all times, dust, mist, mud, rain, sea spray, and all other outdoor dirt can easily get on your camera. And don’t forget how easily oil from your fingers can smudge a lens.

Whether you’ve invested in a lower end Camera, or went all out for a top model; the need to keep your camera maintained is imperative to enjoy quality photos and the lifelong care of your camera.

We stock a small range of cleaning products for your camera, lenses, & exterior. Keep your photographic equipment in top condition! We also offer a camera cleaning service in store, for those who would rather leave it to the professionals. Contact Us or see below for more information.

Our Cleaning Services:

  • Basic camera inspection on digital or film camera/diagnosis
  • Full inspection repair quote – 35mm | DSLR
  • Insurance Damage Reports
  • Camera Clean & Service – 35mm
  • Replace Camera Seals – 35mm
  • Sensor & Camera Body Clean – DSLR
  • Telescope & Spotting Scope Cleans: Re-alignment not possible
  • Binocular Clean: Re-alignment not possible
  • Sticky Armour Clean (Remove sticky residue from rubber exterior)
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