SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card


Key Features
  • UDMA 7 Compliant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Product Description

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SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card

The SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card provides fast, reliable photo and video capture. This card features a read speed of up to 120 MB/s and a write speed of up to 85 MB/s. Ultra Direct Memory Access 7 (UDMA-7) ensures optimal performance. When paired with a UDMA-compliant DSLR camera, this card guarantees fast, high-quality photo and video capture. Enjoy the security of a limited lifetime warranty.
Combining fast shot performance with extreme transfer speeds and offering a sustained video performance guarantee (VPG-20), the SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Card is ideal for mid-range to high-end DSLRs. Whether you’re shooting Full HD video, using continuous burst mode or experimenting with RAW format, you’ll get the memory card performance and reliability you need. Write speeds of up to 85 MB/s let you take advantage of all your camera’s features, while read speeds of up to 120 MB/s make transferring large files from your camera to your computer extremely efficient. And with a storage capacity of up to 128 GB , this card lets you shoot longer uninterrupted sessions without running out of space.

SanDisk Extreme Specs

Quantity 1
Card Type CompactFlash Type I
Storage Capacity 32Gb – 128 GB
Speed (X-rating) 800x
Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) UDMA 7 Compliant
Read Speed Maximum: 120 MB/s
Write Speed Maximum: 85 MB/s
Video Performance Guarantee VPG- 20
Durability Shockproof, Temperature Extremes
Operating Temperature -25 to 85°F / -31 to 29°C
Wireless Capability None
File System FAT32

SanDisk rules the roost when it comes to the best SD cards.

SanDisk (By Western Digital)

Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 80 mm
Memory Card Sizes

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