ZEISS Moist Cleaning Wipes 2Pack


Key Features
  • Pre-Moistened
  • Individually Packaged
  • Non-Abrasive



Product Description

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ZEISS Moist Cleaning Wipes 2Pack

These ZEISS Moist Cleaning Wipes 2Pack provides an effective way to clean and preserve valuable optics. Whether used with camera lenses, eyeglasses, telescopes, or spotting scopes, these non-abrasive pre-moistened wipes are safe and effective.

Designed for single use, these wipes come in individual, disposable packets. They can be stored in a camera bag, glove compartment, studio, or lens case for whenever the need to clean optics arises.

Small things can make a big difference – a drop of rain, a grain of sand, a fingerprint or dust not only affect the image of your optics, they can also cause scratches or other damage. Our range of professional ZEISS cleaning products makes it easy for you to keep the optical surfaces of your valuable lenses in perfect condition. They are suitable for binoculars as well as for camera lenses or eyeglass lenses, and also for the LC displays of your smartphone or computer. ZEISS cleaning products gently remove dust and dirt from optical surfaces without damaging them.

Remove streaks, dry spots or sea salt residue from your optics wherever you use them – with our practical ZEISS cleaning cloths. When you have a wet cleaning cloth and the lint-free microfiber cloth in your camera bag, you’ll be ready to clean your optics anywhere, anytime.

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What Drives Us
As the pioneer of scientific optics, we continue to challenge the limits of human imagination. With our passion for excellence, we create value for our customers and inspire the world in new ways.


Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products here – for your Photographic Equipment: Photography isn’t a sterile business. Unless you’re shooting in a studio at all times, dust, mist, mud, rain, sea spray, and all other outdoor dirt can easily get on your camera. And don’t forget how easily oil from your fingers can smudge a lens.

Whether you’ve invested in a lower end Camera, or went all out for a top model; the need to keep your camera maintained is imperative to enjoy quality photos and the lifelong care of your camera.

We stock a small range of cleaning products for your camera, lenses, & exterior. Keep your photographic equipment in top condition! We also offer a camera cleaning service in store, for those who would rather leave it to the professionals. Contact Us or see below for more information.

1. Keep Your Lenses and Filters Clean

Any dirt or smudges on your lens or filter will be picked up in your final images so it’s important to keep them clean. A simple microfiber lens cleaning cloth is extremely important to have in your kit bag. You may even benefit from having two cloths: one for cleaning wet or greasy smudges, and another for drying.

If you find your lens has dust or sand on it, be careful not to rub or smudge it into the glass and cause further damage to your lens or filter. In this case, it is best to use a lens blower brush to gently blow away the dirt before wiping anything.

2. Use a Filter to Protect Your Lens

Photography is all about capturing light, and light enters your camera via the lens. If your lens gets scratched or damaged in any way, not only will it cost you a lot of money to repair, but your images will also be negatively affected.

You can protect your lenses quickly and relatively affordably simply by adding screw-on protection filters. This means that if your camera or lens is accidentally knocked or dropped, the filter will take the brunt of the impact rather than the lens itself.

3. Grab a Spare Lens Cap

It’s amazing how easily you can lose your camera body and lens-back caps. If you don’t have a spare then you run the risk of having to leave your camera or lens exposed, allowing for dust and water to easily access the most delicate part of your gear. Likewise, it’s always a good idea to carry an extra lens cap to protect the front element of your lens.

4. Store Your Gear in a Low-Humidity Area

It’s always a good idea to store your camera gear somewhere where it can air out while you’re not using it. Try to avoid leaving your camera zipped up in a camera bag where mold can grow (avoid bedrooms and moist places in your house), especially if you have been shooting in the rain or near water. And do not leave your gear in direct sunlight.

5. Remove the Battery When Not Using Your Camera

Last but not least, if you aren’t planning on using your camera for some time, then be sure to remove the battery as it can drain further if it’s kept in the camera for long periods of time without use.

Our Cleaning Services:

  • Basic camera inspection on digital or film camera/diagnosis
  • Full inspection repair quote – 35mm | DSLR
  • Insurance Damage Reports
  • Camera Clean & Service – 35mm
  • Replace Camera Seals – 35mm
  • Sensor & Camera Body Clean – DSLR
  • Telescope & Spotting Scope Cleans: Re-alignment not possible
  • Binocular Clean: Re-alignment not possible
  • Sticky Armour Clean (Remove sticky residue from rubber exterior)


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