We have a great range of film here for all of you film junkies and dedicated shooters.

We stock a range of Colour Film in single rolls and triple packs. A good lot of 35mm and a few 120mm options.

And, we also have a good range of the beautiful Ilford Film for you Black + White lovers. And, of course the much loved Disposable Camera’s!

“Sometimes it’s just fun to go back to the basics.

In a world full of high technology there’s something refreshing about a camera that can still take great photos, without taking itself so seriously.”


There is a worldwide shortage on all film, which has now affected stock & availability, and will continue for many months ahead. While we are doing everything we can to obtain as much stock as possible, there will be times that we simply will not have enough for everyone and will not have some types available at all.

Best way around this? But as much as you can afford to, stock up and keep them in the fridge – this way you’ll always have a film handy for the times when you really need it. We are on a mission to get our hot hands on as much film as we possibly can, to keep you, our dedicated film lovers happy.

*There has also been some huge increases in the costs of film as a result of many contributing reasons: Supply/Demand, Increased Costs, Lack of Production Materials & Shipment/Delivery Increases.

Film Blends Light and Color Better

Digital camera sensors, are made up of millions of tiny squares that give us an image. Film isn’t split up in such a linear way, and because of that, it naturally blends light and colors better.


Black & White:

C O A S T ❖ P H O T O

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Disposable Cameras

Disposable Cameras
Grab one today and capture some cool photos of amazing moments. – Shop Now!

Reusable Cameras

Reuseable Camera
Grab one today and capture some cool photos of amazing moments. – Shop Now!

Professionally Processed Here

Processing you can trust, and quality results that you can rely on.

Our Developing service has been going since 1985!

Each image is adjusted for colour, sharpness, density and contrast.

With 35+ years of experience with processing and printing all types of film, you can trust us to to do the job properly every time.

True Photographic Prints

Live too far away, or a hassle getting to our store?

No problem! Just post it to us.

How to mail order your Film Developing

1. Download an order form  C O A S T P H O T O – Lab Order Form
Print out and complete our order form and send it with your film

2. Package your film: Place your roll and order form in a padded or bubble wrap envelope or small box.

Learn to Shoot Film: Tips & Tutorials

5 Film Photography Projects to Spark Your Creativity by Amy Berge

“We all go through times of creative drought and my hope is that this (non-comprehensive) list will kick-start your own creative spiral.”

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